Books (English only)

Knowledge and Evolution

Resource Publications, Eugene: 2021

Aquinas and Evolution

The Chartwell Press 2017, Second Edition 2019

Catholicism and Evolution

Angelico Press, 2015

Articles (English only)

Galileo, Darwin and the Limits of Science

[in:] "Faith, Science and Community: Studies in Honor of the 52th International Eucharistic Congress", Budapest 2021, p. 289-300.

Creation Is Not Generation: A Response to Brian Carl

"Studia Gilsoniana", Jan-March 2021, p. 11-43

Metaphysics and Evolution: A Response to Dennis F. Polis

"Studia Gilsoniana", Jan-March 2021, p. 45-69

Thomas Aquinas and Theistic Evolution

Evangelical Philosophical Society

Could God have used Evolution?

“More than Myth? Seeking the Full Truth about Genesis, Creation and Evolution”, red. P.D. Brown, R. Stackpole, The Chartwell Press 2014, ss. 228-245.