Aquinas and Evolution


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<p><em>Aquinas and Evolution</em> was written with an assumption that the Reader knows the basics of Aquinas’s philosophical system which is classical metaphysics. But this is not always the case. Now you can learn the basics of Aquinas’s metaphysics online. Go to</p>



“Father Michael Chaberek’s book is surely the most precise treatment of the relationship between the thought of St. Thomas and Darwinian evolution ever written. When Darwin first proposed his theory, most Thomists rejected it. In contrast, most contemporary Thomists not only accommodate it, but dismiss alternatives such as intelligent design, which would seem to represent a positive step forward. What can explain this shift? Chaberek shows convincingly that Thomists who claim that Darwinism and Thomistic thought are compatible have been satisfied with a glossy reading of Darwinism and St. Thomas, and a naive reading of the scientific evidence. In some cases, this represents a repudiation of Thomism itself. All future writing on the subject will have to take account of Fr. Chaberek’s trenchant critique.”

Jay W. Richards PhD, analytic philosopher, Fellow at Discovery Institute, Co-founder of Institute for Faith, Work and Economics


“Fr. Michael Chaberek makes an excellent textual, philosophical, and theological case that the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on human origins is incompatible with macroscopic evolutionary theory, even so-called ‘theistic evolution. A must read for Thomists and non-Thomists alike.”

David Arias, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary


“Fr. Michael Chaberek’s book is one of few that require both courage and competence. As Thomas Aquinas had to face the common opinion denying the possibility of creatio ex nihilo back in the 13th century, Fr. Chaberek today questions theistic evolution. His book is worth reading because it teaches honest and straightforward thinking and it shows readers how to respond to theistic evolutionists who commonly impose their views in Christian circles.”

Rev. Prof. Andrzej Maryniarczyk S.D.B., philosopher, Chairman of the Department of Metaphysics, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland


“Much ink has been spilled of late trying to reconcile the principles of Thomas Aquinas with Darwinian evolution. Fr. Chaberek has finally given the issue the book-length treatment it deserves, and things don’t look good for Thomistic evolutionists. His arguments are fresh and challenging. All further discussion will need to take account of this important work.”

Logan P. Gage PhD, professor of philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville


“A large number of contemporary Thomists insist that theistic evolutionism – understood as the claim that the origin and development of all living things can be explained wholly in terms of the operation of secondary causes with no reference to divine intervention in the course of nature – is altogether consistent with their philosophy and theology. Fr. Michael Chaberek amply demonstrates in this timely work that this is not the case, that theistic evolutionism is, in fact, inescapably at odds with fundamental elements of  thought.”

Robert Larmer, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of New Brunswick